Friday, April 17, 2015

Astro Parfait

Kitten Parfait tries on a sputnik!

first Laszlo book in Paris

The first Space, Sputnik and a Sirius Drink in Paris-- at the Hotel Odeon in St Germain
Laszlo in his Blue suit shares a cocktail with his friend from Burning Safari  ( courtesy of W. Trebutein )
BTW noexam is russian for Let's Go! -- Yuri's immortal words before liftoff.

Laszlo meets a space monster

Laszlo offers a drink and ice to the local VRaptor!-- didn't work run way -run away!

Book Signing Party

Yuri's night  at Autobooks April 11th 2015--and the book is on Amazon-- just put in the title!
1)books displayed with the spaceships
2) spaceships from the book
3)Lisa S Hall, Tina Van Curen, and Mike Andrews-- holding the doggy stars
4) students holding Zazie
5) friendly local Theremin Player
6) space buggy

Wednesday, April 8, 2015